S - Winetou (WLKP)   SS - Five Star Camp xx 

  SD - Wiwanda (WLKP)

  D - Parma (Trakeen)   DS - Poroh (Trakeen )

  DD - Pampa (Trakeen)


 Pelle  -   Birth 28.06. 2008. our farm

                Breed  - crossbreed

                Birth - 164 cm

                Color - black  bay



 Sold 7.august 2012

 New owner Kaile Koppel and new home  Estonian island of Saaremaa.


Kaile and Pelle

Jumping Competition Kurevere  june 2 .2013.


April 2013


Winter 2012.Pelle ja Kaile. Photos: Kaile Koppel.



Little rider.


Autumn 2012.



Visit thePelle.11 august


Madis, Pelle and friend Arthur

New home at the gate.



Photo:Kersti Kalberg.



 The horse is currently stabled in  training Uuemõisa.

 Photos:  1-4  maker Kersti Kalberg.



  Training.Photo: Kersti Kalberg.







 Pelle and Camelot.






 Tristen and Pelle.